Pat & Linda Parelli

MDBarnmasterMDBarnmaster Makes Quick Work of Winterizing Parelli's Colorado Campus with a Performance Barn for Pat Parelli

When Parelli Natural Horsemanship closed their Florida campus, deciding to consolidate operations in Colorado year round, Pat and Linda Parelli were faced with an intriguing challenge. How do you provide comfortable accommodations for high end performance horses on the brink of an aggressive World Tour in one of the snowiest climates in the United States... in less than 8 weeks?

Thanks to MD Barnmaster, a seemingly insurmountable task became a quick and seamless reality. "I was really impressed with the whole MD Barnmaster experience," says Pat Parelli.  "From the design process to the construction, it was really effortless. It was really important to me to make sure my horses were comfortable and the team at MD knew innately the features I'd be looking for. The design process was simple and they were really great working with me to customize all the options," says Parelli.

Linda Parelli was actually the driving force behind choosing MD Barnmaster. She had already been designing a dream barn when the decision was made to spend the full year in Colorado. The change of plans meant Pat would get his barn first, but Linda is undeterred. "I'm thrilled that Pat has gotten his barn. Our tastes our very different. He is practical the whole way and looks for a very utilitarian design, what is going to make life easier on a day to day basis, so the form and function of the MD Barnmaster barns were what drew him. I have to admit that I love the custom features, but also the beauty and flexibility of all that is possible with their designs," says Linda.

"I'm still dreaming on my ultimate barn - I enjoy the process as much as the completion, so really, life is perfect and I'll look forward to building my dream barn sometime next year probably," she says.